Ramen Kan (Sydney, Australia)

Overall: 2.5/5

Sydney was the final leg of our Australian trip. Much like Melbourne, Sydney is a city of many influences. By then, I was tired and feeling weary from being constantly surrounded by fellow tourists and the enterprises shepherding them.

A craving for ramen led us to Ramen Kan, which had favorable reviews online and was relative close to our hotel. The place is obscure; it is located on the second (or third? or fourth?) floor of a curving block of shops and restaurants. An unassuming sign guides you into a narrow hallway. There, you take a slow and cramped elevator to the restaurant (or walk up a few flights of stairs).

Once you get in, I found a worn, but clean dining area with friendly hosts. The windows by the dining counter overlook Sydney’s Paddy’s Market. You order food from the tablets populated throughout the restaurant.

Ramen Kan 1

Spicy Agedashi Tofu

The tofu had a nice crust and was hot underneath. The dash underneath was interesting because it tasted like tonkatsu broth instead of the tentsuyu broth associated with the dish. The dish was spicy, which I attribute to a combination of chili peppers and Sriracha.

Ramen Kan 2

Tan Tan Ramen

Although meant to be spicy, I found the broth in the agedashi tofu to be spicier. The chili oil had little impact. The noodles were well cooked and chewy. The pork was tender and lean, but otherwise unmemorable. The ramen broth was light and only gave off a subtle pork flavor. Personally, I prefer the denser, oilier versions.

Ramen Kan 3

Karaage Ramen

The broth and noodles were the same as the tan tan ramen, except the soup base seem to have been shoyu-based here. Again, I found the broth to be too light for my tastes. The chicken karaage was fine – crispy on the outside with lean meat on the inside. I did find a piece that was mostly gristle that was unappetizing.

Ramen Kan offers recently priced eats at the cost of atmosphere and refinement. I did not check the operating hours, but this seems like the type of place where I would go late at night as a college student and eat a massive portion of oil and carbs before attempting to study some more. At the end of the day, I was slightly disappointed with Ramen Kan, but that’s ok.

Ramen Kan (Sydney, Australia)

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