Sitka and Spruce

Overall: 4/5

Located in the back of Melrose market, Sitka and Spruce is part of chef Matt Dillon’s collection of restaurants. We had the chance to go there for brunch recently. The restaurant had high ceilings and a very rustic feel. The peace was limited but felt open at the same time. There was an interesting collection of vinyl records on the back wall.


We started off with the young lettuces, ash roasted shallot, tarragon & hazelnuts. Nothing really to say except it met all the expectations of a nice salad. The dressing had a nice acidic tang to it and the salad was not overdressed. The shallots and tarragon was fragrant without overpowering. The hazelnuts were crunchy and gave imparted a smoky flavor.


One of the mains was king boletes, soft scrambled egg, turnip greens & fresh ricotta. The eggs were definitely the star of the dish. Creamy and rich from the ricotta and perhaps butter, the dish was pretty filling. The boletes mushrooms were shaved thinly and raw, which was a little disappointing. Thicker slices and perhaps some char would have been nice.


The other main was corned goat with roasted potatoes (7/10). Underneath the potato was something that resembled a bacon custard/mayonnaise. As with the other main dish, this was a pretty rich plate, when you think about the heavy condiment at the bottom, the starch, and the goat meat. It tasted like a very fancy corned beef hash. The goat was a bit too dry for my preference.

Overall, the experience at Sitka and Spruce was comfortable, and the food was flavorful and nuanced. Space is limited so do try to go during non-peak times for a better experience.

Sitka and Spruce